At Arnsby Property Management we believe that one of our major roles is to provide on-going information to our clients; attached is our newsletter.

Dear Condominium Directors:

WOW!! Early November and we have our first snow event. Time to put away that outdoor furniture, dig out boots and coats and prepare for winter. Our last newsletter saw us preparing for Annual General Meetings and enjoying the first glimpses of summer. Now its furnaces and winter wear. Where did the time go?

Predictions call for above normal snowfall with the heaviest periods early to mid-December, mid to late January, mid February and early March. But the good news is following that it looks like a warm spring leading into a hot and sunny summer.

Arnsby Website

Shortly after our last communication we were thrilled to release our new website. We thank all those who reached out to us after our “launch”. We truly appreciated the many positive responses received. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check it out we encourage you to do so and see what services we offer.

ACMO 2000

As many of you may be aware, the ACMO 2000 Certification Program is designed to equip condominium management firms to provide quality service by developing a series of core operational standards and procedures; certifying those firms who meet the standard and providing a structure of ongoing measurement of the firm’s performance. Independent third parties are engaged to audit the systems of management companies and the audit report is reviewed by the Condominium Management Standards Council who decides on the certification of the firm. There is a requirement for an audit every three years.

Condo Communities- Information Sharing

It is our experience that by keeping owners informed regularly regarding their condominium corporation results in better understanding of the decisions made on their behalf. Through an association with Condo Communities we can work with the Board of Directors to develop a website personalized for you. Password protected access is available for each owner allowing access to information related specifically to your corporation including declaration, by-laws, rules and regulations, financial statements, annual budgets, information certificates, news updates and so much more. A start-up fee followed by a minimal monthly charge can put this information at the owners’ finger tips electronically saving copying and mailing costs for the corporation. If this interests you please speak to your Condominium Manager to start the process.

What’s New with the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO)

You will remember that with the implementation of the CAO there came a levy of $1.00 per condominium unit per month to fund the operation of the CAO. Following the first year of operation a temporary reduction of 25% of this fee was announced and all corporations received a reduced assessment invoice.

As of October 1, 2019 the CAO announced the extension of the 25% reduction to be effective for the 2020-2021 year. The reduction represents a lower than expected cost to deliver their services primarily because at this time the Condominium Authority Tribunal is still only handling records disputes. As the Tribunal expands its’ mandate it is expected the fee will return to the original projected fee.

Condominium Insurance and Deductibles

It should come as no surprise that insurance premiums are on the rise. Condominium corporations are experiencing significant increases in premiums upon renewals. In addition, deductibles are also increasing. Insurance companies are in the business to make a profit.

If loss ratios exceed the margins required to make a profit the company has to make up the loss in subsequent years. Over the past few years property losses in general have played havoc with insurance companies’ profit and losses. Extreme weather conditions have impacted Canadian markets causing noticeable premium increases.

Condominiums are becoming a higher risk due to water losses and the severity of these claims. Large corporations are also finding that multiple insurance companies must come together to share the risk of the coverage also leading to increased premiums. As well, several insurance companies are withdrawing from the condominium market altogether meaning less choice for insurance brokers when trying to place coverage. Increased premiums and water loss deductibles are forcing some condominium corporations to self-insure up to the deductible.

It is crucial that owners of units within condominium corporations understand the importance of ensuring that their own personal policy includes coverage for the corporations’ deductible in the event of a loss resulting from their unit.

Owners must also be encouraged to be vigilant and proactive when maintaining their personal unit and understand how chargebacks can be assessed against their unit.
On a final note, condominium corporations need to ensure there is increased communication with their insurance broker. The broker needs to know what steps are being taken regularly to reduce risk at the property. The broker is on your side.

Winter Vacations Checklist

It seems we include this checklist in each communication but it never hurts to remind everyone of the following if you are planning a vacation:

  • Have someone check your unit regularly. Your insurance broker can provide you with the details to ensure adequate coverage during your absence
  • Turn off the water at your home at the main shut-off valve. This will ensure no water leaks while you are away
  • Close the curtains/blinds to keep people from looking inside
  • Put mail and newspaper delivery on hold
  • Inform your neighbours that you are leaving for an extended period of time
  • Advise your property manager of your absence and provide them with emergency contact information
  • Enjoy!

Your Arnsby Management Team

We are thrilled to announce that Sherry Miller and Jason Shaw have successfully achieved their RCM designations this year. In addition, Denise McAsey was successful in writing her final exam for the RCM program and once she has fulfilled the necessary timeline will also receive her RCM status. Great job Sherry, Jason and Denise!

  • Diane Ridgway, RCM, ACCI, Chief Executive Officer
  • Evelyn Arnsby, Insurance Coordinator
  • Jacque Burns, Administration Manager
  • Gary Deline, RCM, Senior Condominium Manager
  • Chris Payne, Senior Non-Profit Manager
  • Linda Francis, RCM, Condominium Manager
  • Jin Bhambra-Ghataura, Systems Manager
  • Andrew Elliott, RCM, ACCI, Condominium Manager
  • Sherry Miller, RCM, Condominium Manager
  • Jason Shaw, RCM, Condominium/Non-Profit Manager
  • Neil Bear, Condominium Manager
  • Denise McAsey, Condominium Manager
  • Lisa Reynolds, Assistant Property Manager
  • Seta Hardat, Assistant Property Manager
  • Kyndall Fiest, Assistant Property Manager
  • April Briggs, Assistant Property Manager