Professional Property Management
Services in Southwestern Ontario

Arnsby Property Management is committed to clients in London, Woodstock, Windsor and surrounding areas of Southwestern Ontario with the highest quality professional property management services.

Arnsby Property Management is committed to providing clients in London, Woodstock, Windsor and surrounding areas of Southwestern Ontario with the highest quality professional property management services. In order to stay current on industry trends and practices we maintain membership in a number of area professional organizations and associations, including:

Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario

The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario was formed in 1977 to represent the collective aims of all condominium managers. ACMO’s Mission is to enhance the condominium management profession in Ontario by advancing the quality performance of Condominium property managers and management companies.

ACMO 2000

The purpose of the ACMO 2000 Certification Program is to equip condominium management firms with the tools required to provide quality service by developing a series of core operational standards and procedures. Since ACMO 2000 certified companies adhere to a series of core operational principles, condominium corporations expect to receive a higher level of service consistently provided to their communities. ACMO 2000 companies undergo regular audits to ensure the systems they developed to receive certification are still in place. In order to receive and maintain certification, management companies put systems into place which make their operations more efficient and robust.

Canadian Condominium Institute – London Ontario

The Canadian Condominium Institute is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1982.

It is the only national association to serve as a clearinghouse and research centre on condominium issues and activities across the country. It assists its members in establishing and operating successful condominium corporations through education, information dissemination, publications, workshops and technical assistance.

CCI provides objective research for practitioners and government agencies regarding all aspects of condominium operations.

CCI does not represent any one profession or interest group. Rather, it represents all facets of the condominium community, encouraging all interest groups to work together toward one common goal, creating a successful and viable condominium community. The condominium community is growing at an astonishing rate, where now nearly a third of the home real estate market is condominium sales. It is in the best interest of both successful and struggling condominium corporations as well as industry professionals, to actively support the CCI, in its aim to improve the condominium image throughout Canada. This can be achieved through your membership and participation in the national institute and its chapters in most major Canadian cities.

Condominium Authority of Ontario

The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) is a newly established organization that aims to improve condominium living by providing services and resources for condo owners, residents and directors. The CAO is focused on consumer protection and supporting healthy condo communities across Ontario. We are your trusted source for information, training, dispute resolution, and other services to help improve condominium living. The CAO is governed by an independent Board of Directors, composed of senior professionals with a range of expertise in the condo industry and condo law, administrative authorities, technology, and mediation.

Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

ONPHA’s over 760 members own and manage more than 150,000 non-profit housing units across Ontario. There are ONPHA members in each of the 47 municipal Service Manager areas established to administer social housing. ONPHA members provide housing for approximately 350,000 people in over 200 communities in Ontario.

London Property Management Association

London Property Management Association (LPMA) is a non-profit organization, located in London, Ontario Canada, which provides information and education to landlords.

LPMA represents the interests of both large and small property owners. The association has more than 400 landlord members representing approximately 35,000 rental units. The majority of members own or manage 10 or fewer rental units.